Technical view of combined printing


Combined printing is to print products that belong to different customers and have the same paper, color number, and printing volume in a large version, in order to make full use of the larger printing area of the larger printing press, and print multiple small format prints at a time. In order to take advantage of mass production and large-scale printing, share printing costs, save plate making and printing costs. For traditional printing, the larger the printing batch, the lower the cost of the shared single page, so the combination printing can greatly reduce the production cost compared to the special printing.
In fact, printing companies have been doing this all the time, but the products that can be printed together can only be selected within the factory, limited to the delivery time, paper differences, and printing volume. In most cases, the business that can be combined together is not It's more common, so the 4K, 6K and 8K offset presses are very popular in the printing industry, and there are even smaller specialized business card offset presses.
The new mode of business operation for combined printing originated in Taiwan, represented by Jianhao, taking advantage of the price brought by combined printing, using the Internet to collect plate printing business for the whole society, and then using the company's perfect internal software and The management system continuously generates printed products that can be combined.
What integrated printing brings is lower prices and faster delivery cycles, which coincides with the characteristics of the Internet economy and can attract more customers to participate. The face-to-face printing is a regular business with no special needs, and this part of the business itself does not have excessively complex technical requirements, and is suitable for an Internet system that cannot communicate with complexity.
Of course, incomplete printing is an advantage. Compared with special-purpose printing, the color quality of combined printing is affected by other products that are put together on the same plate. The color consistency may not be very good. Only regular non-specific features can be printed. Business requested. Due to the need to wait for other combined business, the delivery time of combined printing is longer than that of single printing when the business volume is insufficient. After all, a small format and small batch of prints must find suitable other products that can be put together. It's not easy. In addition, there is a need for joint printing, so for some large batches or large format prints, there is actually no value for joint printing.