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Self adhesive vinyl, also known as self adhesive sticker or vinyl sticker are thin film spray printed materials composed of functional layers, adhesive layers, and silicon paper. Self adhesive vinyl,they have good weather resistance and ink absorption and are therefore applied in various fields both indoors and outdoors. The biggest advantage of Self adhesive vinyl is that they have strong UV resistance, are thicker than photos and are more wear-resistant and have a certain degree of toughness after being coated with film. When advertising the car body, the material of the car sticker can be stretched slightly due to its certain ductility, which cannot be achieved with realistic materials.
In order to matching different customers’ demands and market tendency, Shanghai Hanker continuously develop new products, like car wrapping film, which can wrap the entire vehicle bodies, it not only beautify the car, alert others, express personality, at the same time, it could a moving advertisement.
Despite this, we also developed stickers specially for bus body, vinyl for container surface use, sticker specially for rough walls and many other functional ones. Please check more details as below: 

Product Details

Item No.

Product Description



Bus Sticker

100mic film+140g liner Removable grey glue


3years Polymeric Vinyl

100mic film+140g double PE liner


Container Vinyl

80mic film+160g double PE liner


Polymeric Wall Vinyl

60mic film+140g double PE liner


Backlit Vinyl

100mic film+140g liner


Frosted Vinyl

100mic film+140g liner


Premium White Opaque Vinyl

100mic film+140g liner


High Gloss Vinyl

80mic film+140g double PE liner