Causes and solutions for the pulling of UV flatbed printers


Today, UV flatbed printers have been used in many industries and received unanimous praise from users. However, the cable drawing problem of the uv flatbed printer is also a small situation that will occur if you don't pay attention to it in daily life.
Anomalous cable:
Abnormal nature of auxiliary equipment: The cable is a cable that lacks ink throughout the nozzle or between multiple consecutive discharge points. The reason for this pull-line is that the nozzle does not eject water or the ink supply of the UV flatbed printer is insufficient, or the ink on the nozzle is caused by the unstable negative pressure of the UV flatbed printer. But for this kind of cable, most of them are caused by the failure of the nozzle circuit board or the negative pressure pump and ink supply pump. Under normal circumstances, replace the corresponding circuit board and negative pressure pump. Of course, there is another way to increase the frequency of the ink supply pump and regularly replace the filter to eliminate the abnormal nature of auxiliary equipment.
Feathering cable:
Feathering cable: This kind of cable is generally realized in the direction of the nozzle arrangement, or white lines. The printhead status diagram can be observed that there is overlap, gap or poor feathering at the splicing position. This kind of pull line only needs to check and adjust the belt to make the UV flatbed printer run normally, and adjust the spray point transfer position of the nozzle or adjust the feathering to solve. However, it should be noted that in the case of printing different grayscale graphics, the degree of feathering required for the same handover position may be different.
Plugging point cable:
Drawstring of the nature of plugging point: The UV flatbed printer of this nature is usually a "white line" at a fixed position of a certain color channel. In severe cases, there will be multiple "white lines". There are many reasons for blocking. For example, the operation mode and environmental factors will cause the plugging line to be pulled, the uv ink shakes unevenly, and some impurities are introduced during the addition of uv ink. The cleaning of the nozzle is not standardized when wiping, so that the environmental dust adheres to the nozzle . When cleaning and maintaining the nozzle, use a sponge to remove other impurities such as dry ink or glaze powder.
When using UV flatbed printers, users should pay more attention to observation, and pay attention to daily cleaning to reduce the occurrence of wire-drawing problems. Even if they occur, there is no need to worry. According to the above method, you can quickly solve it by yourself.