Introduction of several types of advertising light boxes

The use of light boxes in our lives has become more and more common. Many products use light boxes to promote their products. This is the outdoor advertising light box that we often see in streets, highways and other places. What is the first impression of outdoor advertising light boxes? Do you think outdoor light boxes are a good advertising medium? Let us take a look at these outdoor light boxes and see what they have and their different effects. how.
Type 1: Ultra-thin light box
The ultra-thin light box is made of reflectors, cold light tubes and light guide plates. The ultra-thin light box is a multifunctional advertising carrier, which is made of oral cavity and various materials, and is usually used. Made of stainless steel and aluminum profiles, the frame lines are elegant and smooth, and the entire light box has a beautiful appearance.
Type 2: Walking light box
Walking light boxes are usually made of high-grade wooden materials and aluminum alloy materials. Photographic film is used to make pictures, and then transparent acrylic panels are used to make light box panels. It is a relatively new type of electronic light box type control painting system with high-tech content and various Pictures, and are often used in large shopping malls.
Type 3: Miniature light box
Miniature light boxes, when we make them, the choice of materials is the most important. The appearance of the light boxes is very small, there are no gaps and no burrs. Our most common miniature light boxes often have three-sided rotation, double-sided rotation and small vertical.
Type 4: Plastic light box
The blister light box is mainly made of plastic manufacturing process. Generally, aluminum is used as the main material for manufacturing the frame of the light box, and the light box sheet is heated and raised to be used as the light box. On the surface, blister light boxes are usually shaped like circles, shapes and rectangles.