How to make cable labels with a label printer


The cable label means that the label is completely wrapped around the cable and a transparent film is wrapped around the printed content. Can effectively protect the printed content to prevent scratches, peeling or corrosion.
The cable label must have a durable bottom layer, which is soft and easy to wind. Generally recommended cable label consists of two parts, the upper part is a white or yellow printing coating, and the lower part is a transparent protective film. The printed area can be covered with a transparent protective film to protect it. .
Currently, many construction units and users are still using irregular marking methods, such as: writing text on paper labels or stickers to identify cables and optical fibers. However, these labels are very small, and technicians with different writing habits write various irregular characters on them, and other people can imagine the difficulty in reading and distinguishing.
With the popularization of integrated wiring projects and the continuous improvement of wiring flexibility, the frequency of users changing network connections or jumpers is also increasing. How can effective methods be used to achieve network wiring management so that network administrators have a clear network What about the maintenance work interface? This requires wiring management.