Cleverly solve common faults of LED luminous characters

1. The theoretical service life of luminous characters is generally about 80,000 hours, and now many luminous characters start to replace LED modules frequently after one year. When this happens, we must first know that LED lights are safe to use current. Generally, it is 20 mA. If it exceeds this value, although the brightness will increase a little, the attenuation of the color will be significantly accelerated. Therefore, when purchasing an assembled LED module, be sure to test its output current value. Below 20 mA, the brightness is not enough, and if it exceeds 22 mA, it will affect the LED's life and decay faster.
2. Sometimes the color of the luminous characters decays very quickly. This is because the connectors are easily oxidized by the moisture in the air during the long-term use, resulting in poor contact and instantaneous or complete power failure of some or all circuits. , causing the font light source to flicker or not to light up.
3. If the luminous characters are not displayed normally, we must pay attention to the arrangement of the light sources. The light strings cannot be arranged too much, according to the arrangement of the density of the light sources. Also check whether there is leakage, this is a more important factor, be sure to check the line well.