What are the advantages of 3D printing luminous characters

Advertising luminous characters can be seen everywhere in our daily life, especially at night, all kinds of luminous characters shine brightly, light up the night sky, become a beautiful landscape of the city, and add a lot of color to the city at night. . With the development of the advertising industry, 3D printing technology has also made remarkable achievements in the field of advertising luminous characters, and has a decisive advantage in terms of effect, which is more popular than traditional advertising signs.
The luminous character 3D printer, as the name suggests, is not like the traditional printer, which can only print flat things, but a three-dimensional effect product, which has more visual impact and appeal. The most important thing for advertising works is to infect consumers and attract consumers' attention. Therefore, 3D printed luminous characters are welcomed by many advertising companies and are widely used by various advertising companies.
3D printed luminous characters are made by combining the traditional luminous character production process with 3D printing technology, new material technology, intelligent manufacturing technology and other optimization and integration. The advertising luminous characters produced by 3D printing are beautiful and elegant, fast and simple to make, and low labor cost. The 3D printed frame will be completely integrated, more exquisite than seamless welding under Seiko technology, and the bend will be more standard than hand-made.
Facts have proved that the technology of 3D printing advertising luminous characters has given us great surprises. We can find that using 3D printers to print logos can not only achieve personalization and creative processing, but also have many other advantages:
1. The material cost is extremely low.
2. Save a lot of labor costs.
3. No need to paint, save process.
4. Can emit light.
5. Very small luminous characters can be made.
6. Rich colors.
7. The material is more environmentally friendly, reduces mercury, and has good cold resistance and performance.