Tri-fold page making skills


The brochure is the most functional promotional material. Unlike flyers and posters, brochures can better tell your brand story: you can design an impressive cover, attach a core introduction to your product or service, and write a strong slogan at the end. Then the tri-folding tips are: 1 large design elements, tri-fold pages do not necessarily need small or neat text, by using super large design elements to form contrast, such as the large numbers in the above picture, and the regular size The text is very different. Keep in mind that content display in larger sizes will be more prominent. Be sure to consider what objects and content to use for the oversized design. 2: Using a single color, it is a headache for beginners to choose colors. Don't confuse the color or color meaning, use a single color. Choose a color, use it as the background color, and even use it as the color of the filter to process the image, used to make a monochrome tri-fold page. 3: Overlay elements, choose different elements of the design and don't always avoid each other. Covering one or a part of them can help you create an interesting visual solution.