There are so many kinds of inkjet cloth

First, it is ordinary inkjet cloth, 530 cloth, the widest 3.2 meters, the most cost-effective cloth, the most commonly used advertising material, mainly used for outdoor, truss screens, construction sites, fences, door heads in some large markets, etc.;
Second, the thickened inkjet cloth, 38S, 550, is 3.2 meters wide, slightly thicker than 530 cloth, and the price is slightly higher. It is mainly used for door heads, light boxes, etc. that require a little bit. There are also thick cloths on the fence. , Self-weight can make the bras very flat;
Third, the outer light thick cloth, the 440g thick cloth, is 5 meters wide, which is thicker than the previous two types, and the price is much more expensive. This kind of cloth can be used for outdoor light box screens in shopping malls;
Fourth, the inner light thick cloth, 440g, the maximum width is 5 meters, this is suitable for the light box with the light source inside,
Fifth, black inkjet cloth, the back is black, 440g, this type of inkjet cloth is opaque and has good quality. It can be regarded as a medium to high-end material and can be used in shopping malls;
Sixth, the grid cloth, with large holes, can allow ventilation. It is generally used for building luminous telephone numbers. Because of ventilation, it can be hung up high.
Seventh, double spray cloth, this cloth is thicker, and it is generally used for shopping malls to hang flags.