The reason why the luminous characters are not bright

If the line is faulty, then if it is a line fault, the probability that it will cause problems is very high, especially when it is only used outdoors, high temperature or humidity will cause the line to age prematurely, then the transformer failure is to come The transformer can be said to be the heart of the luminous characters, important and very fragile, so it is easy to burn out the transformer in a humid or high temperature environment. If the transformer fails, it may cause voltage instability and burn out the LED light. There is also LED lamp failure. This problem is rarely seen, then it is more common in inferior lamp products, and the life of the LED lamp has expired, so it is very difficult in this situation. Less, because LED lights have a longer lifespan than other light source products. The theoretical lifespan is 100,000 hours, so it can work for 10 years in continuous use. It is necessary to check the circuit and use a universal meter to check Whether the line is connected, if there is a line problem, then it is necessary to change the line in time.