The most comprehensive introduction to inkjet advertising materials


PP film: it is what we commonly call poster advertisements, exquisite glue quality, high precision, but there is no self-adhesive surface at the back, it can be pasted on the wall advertisement with double-sided tape and can be used multiple times.
Adhesive: The difference from PP film is that it has its own adhesive surface, which can be directly attached to the wall advertisement after tearing off the back film.
Transparent adhesive: another type of adhesive, but this type of adhesive has a transparent phenomenon, and is mostly used for door-posting. It is beautiful and generous, and is a choice to show the company's image.
Photo paper: commonly known as posters, exquisite photo paper, high-precision, no glue surface.
light film: It is different from the inkjet on our usual signboards, but is used for the inkjet of the menu screen in the McDonald’s ordering light box. It has the characteristics of exquisite images and moderate light transmission.
Spun silk cloth: similar to silk-like inkjet material, used for more romantic and elegant display occasions, such as clothing stores.
Oil Canvas: Used for more romantic and elegant display. It has a certain texture of oil painting and can be used for wedding photography, etc.
KT Yishuai Board: The adhesive can be pasted on the special KT board similar to the foam board, and the side strips are added around to form a picture frame. The KT board is light and can be used for company decoration and exhibition display.
KT Asia Exhibition Board: Also known as KT artist board, it is different from ordinary boards in that there will be no bubbles on the surface of the board after long-term use.
Inkjet advertising materials:
Exterior light cloth: The large-scale outdoor spray paintings we see, the light shoots from the outside to the spray cloth, this kind of outside light cloth.
Inner light cloth: We see the spray painting on the outdoor signboard, the light shines on the spray cloth in the light box, and this type belongs to the inner light cloth.
Car body sticker: It is used for printing on the car body. This type of printing has good stickiness and resistance to sunlight.
Outdoor silk cloth: used for more romantic and elegant display occasions, but this type can be used outdoors.
Grid: a mesh inkjet material, generally used to express style with special expression techniques.
One-sided through: The advertisement screen pasted on the glass of the car body can see the external environment from the inside, but the outside world can only see the advertisement screen.