The difference between x display rack and roll up display rack


The X display rack and the roll-up rack are the more promotional materials that can be used for the atmosphere and look more formal. Their essence is a photo paper that is supported.
The difference between them is as follows: luxury roll-up 1. On the price, the X display stand is relatively cheap, 30-50 yuan can be fixed; the roll-up display rack is more expensive, the size specifications are also more, so 50-80 have. 2, specifications, X display racks are generally only 160X60CM specifications, and Yi Labao display racks are more: 160X60CM, 180X80CM, 200X120CM. The larger the area, the more expensive the price is of course. The luxurious type of roll-up is made of plastic steel material, with adhesive aluminum alloy beam and support rod made of iron alloy. It is connected by three-section rubber band, which is precise and stable in quality. Suitable for all kinds of exhibitions, exhibitions, promotions, etc. Small size and easy to install, 30 seconds to immediately display a perfect picture, light and portable, replaceable screen, low cost for a variety of exhibition sales venues, exhibition advertising, tour shows, conference activities.