The composition of acrylic luminous characters

There are also many types of luminous characters, which can be roughly divided into these types, resin luminous characters, acrylic luminous characters, blister luminous characters, LED exposed luminous characters, seiko luminous characters, etc., then it is acrylic luminous characters. The main structure of the character is composed of acrylic panel, luminous character box, and luminous character light source. It comes from the acrylic panel, so the thickness of the sheet is uniform, the surface is flat and smooth, and the light is transparent. Well-proportioned and good color reproducibility, if it comes to the production process, it is necessary to open a special blister mold according to the production plan. Usually luminous characters with a size of 2.5mx2.5m or less can use 3mm Beacrylic board. It is to use segmented splicing, and the drum height is 2.2-3cm. Then the luminous characters whose size is above 2.5mx2.5m are recommended. Use 5mm thick acrylic board, the height of the drum is 2-3cm, and the light source is for the luminous characters, then the LED light source analysis LED luminous characters is the mainstream of the current luminous characters, urgently because the LED cold light source is 12 volts low voltage. , And it comes when the most * benefits are energy-saving, long-term, low maintenance rate, and a wide range of practical applications.