The characteristics of the use of acrylic luminous characters

The full-body luminous characters are made of acrylic luminous characters on three planes. The front and sides are flat, and all three sides are illuminated. Then it is necessary to use transparent 3mm acrylic for the front of the characters, and the engraving process is to be used. The font is formed, the front corners of the characters are flat and right angles, and the transparent 3mm thick acrylic material is used for the surrounding edges, and the snow floats are used as the base, so the general thickness is 7mm, and the LED lamp beads are mounted on the top. The color of the bead will change according to customer requirements or choose different colors according to the color of the panel, and the font is bright and eye-catching at night, so install a new type of super-bright light source with a long service life. It can be used to make it emit a dazzling light with the color of the acrylic board, so the three-dimensional effect is strong, and the thicker the wall board is, the stronger the three-dimensional effect. The color is bright, and the acrylic sheet of various colors is arbitrarily selected. Then the siding and panel color can be combined at will, and the brightness is high, so it is especially suitable for tall buildings and buildings. Advertisements, large characters, and easy maintenance, is to compare the maintenance of blister characters and neon signs.