The advantages of LED luminous characters can be widely used

1. Environmental protection and hygiene: all anti-corrosion materials are used, and no harmful gases are volatilized.
2. Prominent and eye-catching: the light at night can be seen from a long distance, which can reach more than 2000 meters.
3. Strong adaptability: It is not afraid of wind, frost, rain and snow, and can work normally in a temperature of -40℃~80℃ and a humid environment.
4. Super-uniform light emission: the light is transmitted, refracted and reflected by the unique light-transmitting uniform layer, and the surface is evenly luminous.
5. Exquisite and compact: the thickness of the luminous body is small, which can reach 20mm, and the size of the font and logo can be perfectly expressed.
6. High-efficiency and energy-saving: Through reasonable arrangement of light points and the reflection of light inside the font to achieve maximum light efficiency utilization, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are used as light-emitting sources, and the energy consumption is low.
7. High-brightness and ultra-thin: The brightness of the light-emitting surface can reach 1000-2500Mcd, and the unique light-transmitting and homogenizing layer can achieve the homogenizing effect within a minimum distance of 20mm; through the precise circuit design, the minimum width of font strokes can reach 6mm.