Self Adhesive Vinyl is very thin

Self Adhesive Vinyl is very thin, making it easy to cut with scissors or any cutting machine. It can be cut into intricate designs, too. For a more traditional look, you can use scissors or a craft knife to cut the pattern yourself. If you have trouble cutting the vinyl, try using a hair dryer to heat it up.
Self Adhesive Vinyl is a versatile and affordable material that can stick to many surfaces. It has the advantage of being waterproof and resistant to high temperatures. Its flexibility makes it ideal for many uses, including marketing and signage. In fact, it can be used for anything from car advertisements to safety reminders.
Self Adhesive Vinyl is great for customizing spaces and is suitable for indoor or outdoor applications. You can use it to make a variety of shapes, designs, and signs. It can also be cut to size and can be reused. The vinyl is also available in a variety of colours, allowing you to create a unique look for any project.
You can even use it to add a design to a t-shirt. However, you must remember that unlike a sticker, Self Adhesive Vinyl will not stay on the t-shirt after being washed. A better option for adding vinyl to a t-shirt is Heat Transfer Vinyl.