On the key of packaging to brand experience


According to the CMO (ChiefMarketingOfficer) Council survey, product packaging and in-store display are more helpful for consumers to achieve the overall brand experience than e-mail, direct mail advertising, and mobile app channels.
CMOCouncil's research report, "Responsiveness Requirements: How Flexible Marketers Should Respond to Consumer Feedback to Promote Enterprise Development" (TheResponsivenessRequirement: HowAgileMarketersActonConsumerFeedbacktoDriveGrowth), has investigated companies by investigating consumer choice channels including online and offline touchpoints What to do when responding to customers and using customer data and information to deliver a "correct and timely experience." The report found that no matter which marketing channel is adopted, companies may encounter certain difficulties and obstacles in order to enable customers to enjoy a consistent and coherent brand experience.
The report also emphasizes the importance of packaging for the overall brand experience and the importance of quickly responding to customer feedback and requests through physical touch points (such as product packaging and other physical brand elements), which are called the huge challenges of marketers. Because they are currently unable to prioritize these challenges and problems. The respondents also noticed the gap between their eager desire to change traditional media and their actual ability; 84% of the respondents stated that they were willing and able to make changes within 30 days, and only 40% of the respondents said they can now Do it.
46% of the respondents indicated that the functional unit in the marketing field divides the marketing team into traditional groups and digital groups, which makes the marketing team professional and has a functional focus, but also makes it more difficult to maintain consistency and cohesion across multiple channels. .
In addition, 66% of marketing executives claim that their end consumers are very sensitive or extremely sensitive to changes in packaging color and consistency.