Maintenance of metal parts of luminous characters

Keep the environment dry and sun-proof, whether it is painted or 201 stainless steel, the common problem in maintenance is rust and peeling. Then the root cause of paint peeling is the humidity of the environment. We have no way to control the weather, but we can change the font design structure so that the water drains smoothly along the drain port of the base, and the nut is coated with anti-rust oil, so it is for the craft word, if the nut is rusted , Then it will be related to future installation and disassembly, so it is for regular maintenance, it is recommended to apply anti-rust oil to the nut every other month, and it is for regular care. If If possible, it will come every week to clean up the dust on the metal surface. Dust removal is also a kind of maintenance. If it comes to remove the surface debris, it will come to help keep it clean for a long time. Neat