Luminous word design method

Luminous characters should clearly and unmistakably emit the information content, and the direct existence of information is text and graphics. Then we often say that text and graphics are vital, and the font structure and glyph code used in luminous characters are In addition to retaining the vitality of the text and graphics, it also inherits the language characteristics of the luminous characters. Specifically, when designing the font structure of the luminous characters, the small arc lines of the glyphs are very accurate and unmistakable. The arc curve of the space layout, the font adopts LED as the light source, and the light is peaceful and unified with the external environment, then the design of the luminous characters is also based on this idea, which is, for example, a set of visual guide signs, signs The shapes used for the various types and functions of the indicator graphics are designed according to the design language of the space guidance. The shape features are light and flexible, including the arrows, which are composed of small arcs. The luminous characters are visible to the designer A good intention to achieve harmony and unity can come to obtain functional services after people receive the enjoyment of visual graphics.