Introduction of reflective materials


Reflective materials can also be called retro-reflective materials, retro-reflective materials, which are widely used in various road traffic safety equipment such as traffic sign markings, raised road signs, contour signs, traffic cones, anti-collision tubes, as well as car number plates, clothing and shoes Hats, firefighting, railways, water transportation, mining areas, etc., can be divided into reflective materials for traffic signs, reflective materials for road markings, raised road signs, outline signs, reflective materials for clothing, etc.
The completion of the retroreflective function of light is done through various reflective materials with retroreflective functions. Most of these materials are not formed by nature, but are created and decomposed by human creativity. The new substance is the gathering of various disciplines and technologies such as optics, data science, mathematics, and chemical chemistry in retroreflective technology.