Why advertising material fades

The fading of the picture is first related to the pigment in the ink. The light fastness of the pigment is divided into 1-8 grades, of which the 8th grade is the highest. The pigments in the Apollo ink are all lightfastness grades 7-8, so they have very good lightfastness. and weather resistance. Weather resistance has an important relationship with ink first, and there are other main influencing factors:
1. Inkjet substrates When the same ink is used in the same area, the choice of substrate has the greatest impact on weather resistance. Because the amount of ink absorbed by different substrates is different, and the alkali resistance of the surface is different, it affects the retention time of the ink on the material.
2. Whether there is a coating on the surface of the substrate? The substrate with a coating on the surface is adsorbed in the coating because the ink is absorbed in the coating, and the coating has anti-ultraviolet, acid and alkali resistance, so the weather resistance is greatly improved.
3. Ultraviolet irradiation time Because the direction of the billboard is different, the time of ultraviolet irradiation is also different. In this way, the weather resistance of the billboards produced at the same time is also very different.