Uncover the mystery of transferring the paper base


What is the transfer film? Many people are asking this question. For wall stickers, with transfer film, the effect of wall stickers will be more effective. Therefore, for those who are inclined to buy, it is necessary to understand the transfer film. Some friends do not know this knowledge in advance, and the wall stickers they bought have not been consulted before, which caused a lot of unnecessary Trouble. The transfer film is an intermediate carrier, which exists on the transfer paper or plastic base, carries the printed or printed pattern, and is used to transfer a layer of chemical elastic film on the printed article. Widely used in advertising, decoration, etc. For wall stickers, the quality of the wall stickers is with the transfer film-directly on the product, without processing by yourself, the wall stickers processed by the transfer film are semi-finished, or the product quality is not good, the glue of the transfer film will be used for a long time It reacts with the fabric, this kind cannot be used indoors. The real transfer film has a very low viscosity. The viscosity just sticks to the wall stickers and is relatively thick. The key point is that the glue of the real transfer film will not react with the DOP in the PVC. The glue is made. Special research and development, it can be used even if it is applied to the wall sticker for 1 year or 2 years. Therefore, the key to identifying the quality of the wall sticker is to see if it is pre-covered with transfer film. If there is no pre-covered transfer film, the quality must be inferior.