Tablet printer usage conditions


The material must be surface treated before use, that is, a surface treatment agent (coating) is sprayed on the surface of the material. These treatment agents do not have any influence on the surface of the material, and the effect is to increase the color effect and the adhesion of the color.
The surface coating treatment has a great influence on the subsequent color printing:
(1)To confirm which material you want to print, then apply a coating to the material.
(2) Before printing, confirm whether the coating is dried or dried.
(3) It is also necessary to ensure that the coating is uniform and clean. If it is uneven, the ink in the individual positions will not be adsorbed, become spotted, or bleed. Clean and tidy is also to prevent dust and debris from affecting the effect after printing, to ensure quality.
Limitations of universal printer use
The universal printer should be called "Universal Flatbed Printer" accurately. As the name implies, this device can only print flat materials. Like irregular cups, such as cups, bottles, pottery jars, etc., universal printers cannot print good results on them.
The universal printer is an inkjet printing device. The surface is too large, the difference between the highest point and the lowest point of the material is more than 5MM. The principle is like a shower, the denser the water droplets closer to the nozzle part, the farther away the farther away. We test the data of this distance to 5MM. When the distance between the highest point and the lowest point exceeds 5MM, [dissolved ink phenomenon] will appear.