Shared printing


The commercial operation of combined printing requires sufficient small batch and small format business to form a combined advantage. Therefore, in order to develop into a business model, joint printing must inevitably highlight its sharing. In the case of a single enterprise receiving orders, the number of products is difficult to support the operation of joint printing. It is conceivable that in order to meet the volume of a folio offset press, a large number of companies need to provide them with small-batch and small-format services to ensure their normal operation.
How to realize the sharing of combined printing is the basic premise for the success of combined printing. Based on nearly 1,000 printing companies in Taiwan, Taiwan Jianhao has developed rapidly with high quality, reasonable price, and prompt delivery. Sex is an important support. After Jianhao entered mainland China, it was difficult to quickly replicate its success in Taiwan after many attempts. You can see the differences in the mainland business environment, printing supervision, and network environment. In the market environment of mainland China, to realize the sharing of combined printing, a new business model must be explored, not simply copied.
At present, there are also many negative statements about combination printing, such as vicious competition, low quality, and insufficient paper weight. In fact, there is no real combination printing in China at all. Most of the time, they are borrowing the commercial term of combination printing to become a shield for competition and vicious price reduction.