Printing materials (1)


The improvement of printing quality, speed and substrate range of digital printing equipment is inseparable from the development of digital printing materials, especially digital inks and toners. With the increasingly fierce competition in the digital printing market, digital printing equipment suppliers have increased their investment in research and development of new inks and toners. In addition to water-based inks continue to maintain their usual advantages and durability, solvent-based inks, eco-inks, sublimation inks, UV inks and other electronic inks have made the choice of inks diversified. . The innovative application of toner in inkjet printing has also brought us more imagination space about the future of inkjet printing.
Water based ink
With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the use of water-based inks has become more widespread. Water-based inks can replicate the color gamut of almost the largest of all ink systems, so water-based inks have a natural advantage in color performance. However, since water-based inks are generally based on dyes and pigment formulations, their service life ranges from a few days to a month, and needs to be used in conjunction with specialized coated inkjet substrates, which limits the promotion of water-based inks. However, the introduction of the latest HP Latex water-based inks may solve this problem. Latex water-based inks are said to provide durable, high-quality printing for a wide range of HP-produced or non-HP-produced media. Even for uncoated products, outdoor display durability is up to 3 years. . However, the true market value and application value of this ink will take time to test.