One of the printing problems of color box packaging products (1)


Color box packaging products often have color recovery problems during production, such as neutral gray color cast, etc., and then affect the product quality. In addition to the problems of the equipment itself and the production level of the personnel, the key problem is that the company is not able to Effective color management and proper use of inks.
Color management is to manage people's perception of color. The purpose is to complete the conversion between sub-colors in the entire process of image reproduction to ensure that the appearance of image colors from input display to output can match as much as possible, and finally reach the original. The color and consistency of the replica.
Image replication requires multiple stages of image acquisition, processing, color separation, and printing. At each stage, color information will be displayed according to the color rendering and color description characteristics of the equipment used at that time. Different scanning and display devices will display different colors on the same original. In addition, the color expression between the RGB three-color display and the four-color printing inks are inconsistent. In addition, the use of inconsistent conversion of RGB data into CMYK also lacks consistency. The prints are different. Therefore, it is necessary to control color restoration on various devices and media in the production system through color management skills.