New wallpaper (2)


Quit smoking wallpaper
A company in the United States has launched a wallpaper that can help people quit smoking. Smoking in a room with this kind of wallpaper, the smoker will feel that the cigarette is not "fragrant", but has a sense of nausea, which prompts him to quit smoking. It turned out that this wallpaper added several special chemicals in the production process; and these chemicals can emit a special smell for a long time. If someone smokes, this gas can stimulate the sensory system of the smoker and produce disgust. Cigarette feel. With the advancement of science and technology and the improvement of people's living standards, new wallpaper products with different styles and different needs will be developed one after another, making new contributions to creating a beautiful, comfortable and healthy indoor environment.
Insulation wallpaper
Germany produces a special wallpaper that has the properties of heat insulation and heat preservation. This wallpaper is only 3 mm thick, and its insulation effect is equivalent to a 27 cm thick stone wall.
Block WiFi wallpaper
French researchers have invented a new wallpaper that can block the WiFi signal, so that it can only search for WiFi signals in its own house, while not blocking other signals.
This wallpaper has a silver crystal on it, which can block the WiFi signal, but it will not block your mobile phone signal or other remote control signals. If you paste this kind of wallpaper on your own wall, even if your neighbors have every means, you ca n’t use it, because you ca n’t find your exclusive WiFi signal.