Looking at the essence of combined printing from the perspective of the sharing economy (1)


Joint printing is relying on the advancement of software technology and Internet technology, so that it has more characteristics of the sharing economy, which has been rapidly developed.
The combined edition is an already existing printing process arrangement plan, not a new creation. However, in the new Internet era, combined printing has been given a new meaning. Hinged printing has made tremendous achievements in Taiwan with the Internet innovation of the printing business as its entry point, and was quickly introduced to mainland China. Hinged printing has gradually become a benchmark innovation point for the Internet application of the printing industry.
In terms of the technical connotation of combination printing alone, it has not broken through the original technical track after the enthusiasm in recent years, but under the promotion of the development of information technology represented by software technology and Internet technology, combination printing has been able to draw on The achievements of information technology have promoted its application from within the enterprise to unspecified customer groups, so that it has the characteristics of a sharing economy. The technology has not changed but the economic form has changed.
Similar to this, we can look at the development path of shared bicycles. Bicycle travel is the *choice of short-distance travel, and people have been doing it. In the context of green travel, the government has made great efforts to promote the popularization of public rental bicycles. It uses software technology-instant payment settlement and management software, but it has been tepid. Until the emergence of Internet-based shared bicycles represented by OFO and Mobike, people's bicycle usage has undergone fundamental changes. In essence, the popularity of bicycle sharing is not a change in the technical form of bicycles, but the credit for the Internet-based mass sharing method.
From this point of view, it is precisely because offset printing is based on software technology and Internet technology, it has more characteristics of the sharing economy, and has achieved rapid development.
After all, after all, face-to-face printing is not all the printing business, nor is it the daily demand of the masses, and its innovative value in the printing industry has also been greatly restricted.
Here, we try to look at the essence through the phenomenon from the perspective of the sharing economy, and talk about the things that have been printed in combination in these years.