Implementation of color management


On a shallow level, a packaging and printing company needs to have good color management, and it needs a standard condition light source; high-quality color feature file generation; improved color management systems for older generations; standard measuring instruments and test equipment; standard colors Color targets; standard printing management; standard remote digital proofing color management; standard scan recovery, digital camera color management; standard monitor calibration and screen soft proofing. In the specific implementation process of color management, the following aspects should be done well: The standardization, standardization, and data production management of the various processes in the printing process should be carefully done. This is the premise and basis for using ICC color management.
Enterprises must strictly formulate quality standards for fine products, standards for raw and auxiliary materials and equipment such as paper and ink, standards for measuring instruments and light sources, develop standardized management documents, and require everyone to strictly implement the standards. Monitors, soft proofs, ICC files for printers, printer parameters, etc. should be standardized and quantified within the standards and specifications. In all localities where data can be expressed, through testing methods, summarize data that can guarantee quality. The three are opposites, interdependent, and then guarantee the same high quality and efficient production.
Pre-press image manipulation is the basis and key link of print reproduction quality. The display should be professional, and the scanning of the original and the processing of the digital original should be consistent with the four basic standards of copy quality (gray balance, tone reproduction, color correction, sharpness enhancement) to guide the obligations, and the parameters of the four standards should be implemented by implementing . After the scanning of the document is completed, adjustments to non-adaptive original defects and artistic processing are required to make the printed matter more abundant and reach better results than the original. Regarding remote printing enterprises, the remote digital proofing profile management can ensure that the digital proof colors of the two places are the same.