How to use HP large format printers to maintain ink cartridges more efficiently


Use of maintenance cartridges:
In the process of using the product, the maintenance cartridge also has a certain period. When the maintenance cartridge collection fee reaches a certain amount, the machine will report an error and prompt to replace the maintenance cartridge.
Since customers are now particularly careful about cost calculations, many customers who use HP large format printers respond, "The quality of the images printed by HP large format printers is really good-looking, and the colors are relatively rich, but if the amount of printing is large, it needs to be replaced in time The cost of maintaining ink cartridges and maintaining ink cartridges is relatively high, and I hope to have a solution to this problem. "
1. When we use the machine, the machine suddenly stops working and the front panel shows that the maintenance cartridge needs to be replaced. We need to click the maintenance prompt to replace the maintenance cartridge.
Second, after clicking to replace the maintenance cartridge, the printer will remove the maintenance cartridge. We just need to open the maintenance cartridge cover and take out the used maintenance cartridge.
3. After the maintenance cartridge is taken out, you need to do a simple cleaning of the maintenance cartridge, wipe the ink on the maintenance cartridge, and then find a lens part on the front of the maintenance cartridge and paste it with adhesive. After this is done, we put the maintenance cartridge in the large format printer and continue to use it. At this time, when prompted on the front panel, we have to choose to use the old maintenance cartridge or the same maintenance cartridge. Remember not to choose the new maintenance cartridge.