How to maintain printer cartridge nozzles


In the later application of inkjet printers, the correct selection of ink and proper maintenance of nozzles are unavoidable problems. The pros and cons of the ink and the abrasion and accumulation of ink stains caused by long-term nozzle work affect the quality of the printed image. At the same time, the choice of ink also affects the life of the nozzle.
The quality of the ink can determine the quality of the printed image, and it can also determine the life of the nozzle. When conditions permit, try to use original ink cartridges. Of course, when conditions do not permit, choose high-quality general ink instead. Do not use fake or shoddy ink, it will block your print head, print head corrosion, damage, even more dangerous is the use of fake or shoddy ink causes the printer to break and the manufacturer will not provide warranty.
So how do we use universal ink? That is, after the original ink is fully used up, the replenishment ink added for the first time should be sprayed off continuously, and then fill the replenishment ink, and leave it for about a day. This process can make the nozzle adapt to the new Refill ink. In future applications, use it for the first time every day* after the machine self-checking. As long as the self-checking attempt is good every time when the machine is turned on, the print head will be able to use this compatible ink for a long time. Of course, it should be compatible with the same brand for a long time. Ink, otherwise it is easy to clog the inkjet head.
The use of low-quality ink is very easy to cause the print head to block, and even cause the entire print head to be scrapped. In the application of color inkjet printers, if the printing time is long, it is possible to encounter clogging of the nozzle holes. The nozzle surface that is in direct contact with the printing medium is covered with many tiny circular holes. The nozzle holes are connected with the nozzles inserted into the ink cartridges. The toner with strong adhesion due to drying is often retained between the nozzles and the nozzle holes and around the nozzle holes. Or impurities, as long as these toner and impurities are removed, the print head can resume normal printing functions. Most of the print heads that seem to have been scrapped only temporarily block the nozzles and cannot work. To restore its printing function, in fact, only a simple flushing method can be used.
For normal printing, but lack of strokes or colors, or blurry images at high resolution, such slight clogging can usually be solved by the nozzle cleaning program that comes with the printer. When a slight clogging of the nozzles such as lack of strokes or poor colors is found , Should be cleaned with the cleaning program as soon as possible, this is the *simple and* maintenance method.
For the nozzle holes that have been cleaned during the printing process, but the printing effect is still poor or the print head nozzle is seriously clogged, manual cleaning can only be used. Manual cleaning method The cleaning frequency should not be too much or too frequently. Adjust the position of the print cart, remove the ink cartridge, pour bottled pure water into the ink cartridge with a syringe, and then clean the print head. If there is residue, use a knife to scrape the nozzle Leftovers on the side.