How to Cut Multiple Colors of Color Cutting Vinyl

One way to cut multiple colors of vinyl is using the "cut by fill" function. To use the "cut by fill" function, simply fill the design in the design window with the color vinyl you want to use. Then, using the MODIFY tool, you can separate the design into separate pieces. Once the design has been cut, you can line up the colors on your final project.
If you're using a vinyl cutter to cut vinyl, make sure to select the proper material settings. Make sure to use a fine-point blade. Also, make sure to use an adhesive mat to stabilize the vinyl while cutting. You may also want to use a straight pin. If you're using a Cricut, make sure to use the blade that's designed for vinyl.
Color Cutting Vinyl can be easily applied to a wide variety of surfaces. This material comes in long rolls and can be cut to any shape or size. It is often used for apparel decoration. Depending on the adhesive, it can stick to a wide variety of surfaces. Before you start cutting vinyl, make sure to test cut the material using a clean blade. This will ensure that the cut doesn't cut through the backing of the vinyl. If the test cut cuts through the backing, you may need to adjust the settings of your machine.
If you have a design with multiple colors, you can purchase a pre-masked transfer tape. These materials come with separate layers and are not numbered. You need to place the layers in the proper order.