How to choose a printer (2)


Printer operation
The system used by universal printers is imported and domestically produced. When customers purchase, they should ask the manufacturer clearly. At the same time, when printing samples, it is necessary to determine whether the quality of the products printed by the universal printer is consistent. A printer with good stability does not allow for ink breaks and offsets in the print position. Product model
Universal printers have more specifications, both large and medium format. First of all, you must choose the print width. The color function of the universal printer is almost the same. The print length is up to 3 meters, but the width of the print is limited, generally from 20 centimeters to less than 1.8 meters. Its print width limits printing product specifications to a certain extent. If you want to use a universal printer or want to use a universal printer to develop printing business and service projects, it is best to choose large format, because the printer has a large format, limited material and is suitable for mass production. There is also a miniature flatbed printer that is smaller than the previous small flatbed printers, which have certain advantages in terms of environmental protection and cost savings.