How to choose a printer(1)


China's universal printers range from scratch, from rough to precise, from complex operations to easy printing, from research and development to mature applications. Although it has been going on for quite a long time, many people are still relatively unfamiliar with universal printers. Since there is no uniform industry standard, the quality of each manufacturer is uneven, so pay special attention when choosing a universal printer. Here are some suggestions for choosing a universal printer. That is to test the stability of a machine, the most efficient method:
Print the small number 3 in PS or Coreldraw, which is clear enough.
The tic-tac/small box is printed 10 times and can be completely coincident without shifting.
(1) Confirm the printing effect
Knowing the universal printer printing effect can be verified by printing pictures. A high-precision printer uses a digital piezoelectric printing system and a precision transmission system. The printed pictures are clear and high, without horizontal bars or horizontal stripes and ghost images.
In order to get a good print effect, in addition to the high precision of the printer, it is also required to have a good color reproduction. What is the design of a picture, the printed picture is the best as the design picture.