Five technologies for packaging and printing (3)


Fixed length stretching composite printing avoiding laser seam seam technology
Laser holographic laser transfer paper is a new type of packaging material that is widely used in the packaging and printing industry at home and abroad. However, a major problem is that it is easy to produce laser-type seam RIP when printing on a rotary gravure printing machine, which causes great waste. At present, there are mainly two fixed-length stretch composite printing avoidance laser seam sewing technology solutions.
Packaging and printing companies can make reasonable choices based on their own funds and actual production. If the company has a rotary gravure printing equipment, it can use the off-line solution to suppress the irregularities, and purchase the laser aluminized transfer paper that can avoid the seams from the composite paper manufacturer, and only need to modify the paper feeding mechanism of the original rotary printing equipment. Yes, the investment risk and technical risk of the company are small.