Five major technologies that need attention in packaging and printing - offset online cold stamping technology


Traditional hot stamping requires a special metal hot stamping plate. The hot stamping material is transferred to the surface of the printing material by heating and pressing, and the speed is relatively slow to feed the paper, which is difficult to be hot stamped with the offset printing. Offset online hot stamping technology is to paste the image to be stamped onto the surface of the substrate through the adhesive under normal temperature conditions. The realization method is to directly use two units of the original offset printing machine, a set of printing glue layer and a set of transfer metal hot stamping foil.
Advantages: hot stamping speed, high efficiency; one-time paper-printing and metal foil transfer digital printing, high registration accuracy; the resolution of cold-hot plate can reach the resolution of offset printing plate, hot stamping can be printed At normal temperature, it can be stamped on the surface of temperature-sensitive materials without heating; saving energy.