Features of aluminum alloy bulletin board

1. The main road connecting cities. Urban bus shelters are connected to the main traffic arteries in the urban area. The traffic flow is like a wave of people, covering a wide area, and a large audience. Regardless of the season, rain, snow, wind and frost, day and night, it delivers information all the time.  
2. Super close publicity. Urban bus shelters have super close contact with people and are the closest to the public. The effect is intuitive and vivid, the picture is exquisitely made, the publicity is vivid, the day scene is eye-catching, the night is radiant, and the visual impact is strong.
3. Repeat advertising instillation. Chain guide, merchants sought after. Different locations, chain propaganda, and repeated instillation and guidance make the advertising content impressed and solid, and it is a propaganda platform that is sought after by the majority of merchants.  
4. Easy installation and quick information transmission. Simple installation, rapid publication, and quick information are reflected in the low input cost and high efficiency.
5. Advertising is flexible. During the advertisement release period, the road section can be flexibly adjusted, and the sales and service terminals can be approached to determine the purchase intention of consumers.