Daily maintenance and maintenance of the printing press


1. Waiting for maintenance. This refers to the maintenance of the machine at rest. The main points are as follows: regular oil change, cleaning filters, regular inspection of machine accuracy; strengthening the maintenance of important parts. Bearings, gears, rollers, etc. are all important parts of the printing press, and the accuracy of these components affects the printing quality. The quality of the spring also determines the accuracy, the spring should be sensitive, the hysteretic and unrecoverable plastic deformation is extremely unfavorable for the work of the spring. Machine maintenance changes with the environment, and the structure that is not conducive to machine maintenance is improved without affecting normal work.
2. Dynamic maintenance. The machine is under maintenance while the press is in motion. Static maintenance of the machine is a prerequisite for dynamic maintenance of the machine, and the dynamic operation of the machine can in turn detect the level of static maintenance of the machine. The dynamic maintenance of the machine is quite important. The main points are as follows: machine preparation status detection. The lubrication state of the machine. The impact of the machine during operation.