Content of color management


Establish a device's color profile (Profile) is the middle of color management. The description file has the representative color characteristics of each device, such as the characteristic curve of chromaticity, and the characteristic curve of excellent color gamut. The representative color characteristics complete the matching and conversion of the color space of each device.
For color management, it is necessary to follow a series of polite operation processes in order to achieve the expected results. Color management is divided into three methods in terms of affairs, referred to as "3C" for short, namely Calibration, Characterization, and Conversion.
Calibration: In order to guarantee the invariance, sustainability, and sustainability of the color information transmission process, calibration of input, display, and output devices is required to ensure that they are in the standard obligation form. Enter the correction of the brightness, contrast, and noise field of the receiving scanner. In order to guarantee the same original document, no matter what time and time scanning, you should be able to obtain the same image data.
By setting the brightness, contrast, color temperature, and Gamma value of the entire display system, the display can accurately display colors. Output correction: Calibration of printers, imagesetters, printing presses, and proofing machines. After the characteristics are corrected, the device can output according to the standard characteristics of the factory.
Characterization: Recording the corrected characteristics of all equipment is the process of characterization. These feature description files are the bridge from the device color space to the standard device-independent color space (PCS).
Conversion: On the basis of calibrating the system equipment, the equipment description file is used, and the standard equipment-independent color space is used as the preface to complete the precise conversion between the equipment color spaces. Because the color gamut of the output device is narrower than the color gamut of the original, scanner, and display, it is necessary to shorten the color gamut during color conversion. In the ICC peace talks, there are absolute colorimetry, relative colorimetry, There are four methods of convex saturation method and sensory method.