Combined printing software and Internet


Conjoint printing is facing a variety of different customers, and the uniformity of the quality of its electronic documents is the first problem to be solved. Since it is impossible to re-correct the printing ink amount for a single printed product during the combined printing process, there are high requirements for the standardization of color separation and color adjustment, and a complete color check must be performed before the combined printing Check and adjust with the correction system to ensure that the pre-press data of all products meet the requirements of standards and specifications during printing.
The coordinated printing volume coordination is an overall planning method and requires algorithm support. *Prints of the same volume are often difficult to come by, so how to coordinate the imposition of the volume of a version is particularly important. This work should be done automatically. Moreover, the prints of the same color tone should be arranged longitudinally corresponding to the ink discharge area, and still consider the mutual interference of different ink areas and the coordination of the minimum ink discharge amount. After all, the printing press is a simulation device.
The gang printing model similar to Jianhao is essentially a kind of business outsourcing, and business outsourcing has the risk that product quality and delivery time are difficult to guarantee. To a certain extent, there is insufficient paper weight, poor color, Problems such as delayed delivery.
The most important thing about combination printing is that there are some combinations. Only enough business can be combined. The more the business, the higher the efficiency of the combination, and the combination can run. This is the same as shared bicycles and public rental bicycles. The reason why public rental bicycles are not efficient is that the users are not universal enough to use cards only, and the audience is limited and the area of use is limited. The media has achieved unlimited expansion of the audience and region.
Therefore, to achieve a smooth running of integrated printing, the core is that the business volume should be rich enough and the audience should be wide enough, which is only possible with the help of the Internet. Design a set of Internet-based combined printing system to deliver the decentralized business in a fast and efficient manner to the timely submission, processing, and shipping of the business, so as to attract other printing companies to hand over the business that requires the combined printing to professional combined printing enterprises Only in this way can the combined printing enterprise form scale advantages.