Color management printing process control


As we all know, the purpose of color management is to use a combination of software and hardware to automatically adjust and manage colors in the production system to ensure color consistency throughout the input, display and output, and ultimately to achieve color loyalty. Reproduction (ie WYSIWYG). So how do you implement color management quickly and efficiently? The author believes that the establishment of a measurable, repeatable process control system, the control of printing raw materials, related equipment and the environment, the optimization of the data flow and information flow in the printing production process can achieve unexpected results.
First, introduction to color management
1. Definition of color management Color management is an application technology that correctly interprets and processes color information. It is recognized as the most effective solution for achieving faithful reproduction of colors and reproducibly obtaining stable colors. In the whole process of copying color graphic information, the color management system ensures the consistency of color information from the color space of one device to the color space of another device under the premise of minimal color distortion.