Cold roll laminators use a plastic film coated with an adhesive

Cold roll laminators use a plastic film coated with an adhesive. Unlike hot lamination, the glossy backing is not adhered to the adhesive. Instead, it can be removed to reveal the adhesive, which sticks directly to the item being laminated. This process is usually quicker and more accurate than hot lamination.
Cold lamination films are made of pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive and PVC film. These films are very durable and offer UV protection. They come in a variety of thicknesses and widths. They work well with most wide-format media products and inkjet papers.
Semi-gloss lamination films are a great option for creating high-impact retail window displays and indoor signage. They have a high-sheen finish that enhances colors and contrast. They are also very flexible, making them easy to install and remove. You can even use them in conjunction with other products such as our signature high-performance vinyl media. When it comes to the type of film you need, you must decide on the type of laminator you have and the type of project you plan to laminate.
Usually, lamination film thickness is measured in mils. A mil is 1/1000th of an inch. Different thicknesses are used for different applications. A 1.5-mil film is good for items printed on heavy cardstock. A 10-mil film is thicker but less flexible, and is typically used for ID badges, reference sheets, and menus.