Cold laminators use plastic film that is coated with an adhesive

Cold laminators use plastic film that is coated with an adhesive. The film has a glossy backing, but the glossy coating does not adhere to the adhesive. Instead, you peel off the backing to expose the adhesive, which sticks to the laminated item directly. This is a faster method for laminating items.
This type of film offers up to three years of UV protection. It also won't alter the quality of the image or degrade color, so your prints will look better. Moreover, it's flexible and easy to install. It is ideal when used in conjunction with our signature high-performance vinyl media.
Cold lamination films are commonly used in the advertising industry. They are made from an ultra-clear pressure-sensitive adhesive and can enhance the colour vibrancy and definition of prints. They are best used on clean, flat surfaces. They also help protect outdoor signs from fading and scratch damage. Cold-lamination films also provide protection against scratch damage and UV damage.
Cold lamination film is available in a variety of thicknesses and finishes. They range from seventy-five microns to one hundred microns, depending on the type of application. Cold lamination film is available in clear, matte, and glossy options. They are compatible with a variety of wide-format media products, and are ideal for Solo laminators.