Classification of advertising materials

1. Inkjet: inkjet cloth for billboards, car stickers for bus body advertisements, single-hole penetration for publicity behind taxis
2. Photo: Self-adhesive pp cold laminating film, photo paper, pvc hard film, kt board, cold board, photo board, paper panel
3. Carving: Acrylic board, Fulong board, pvc foam board
4. Blister: blister acrylic, led light source, transformer
5. Display: display stand, roll-up banner, pull-net display stand, portrait stand
6. Banner: thermal transfer printing, machine printing, etc...
7. TV commercials: the commercials we see on TV.
Flyer: The size may only be 16 karat paper size, usually printed on paper with an offset printing machine. Advertising industry called light box cloth: it is divided into inner light cloth/outer light cloth/inner light cloth thin/outer light cloth thick and strong.