Choice of color management system


At that time, there were many color management systems on the market, such as Adobe's Photoshop color management system, Apple's ColorSync color management system, and Kodak's color management system. Different color management systems have different talents for color management of devices and have their expertise. Therefore, companies must first determine which devices require consistent colors in order to choose.
Secondly, it is necessary to determine the self-describing file in the color management system, and whether it can support the tree to draw the file immediately in the open system; if it is a closed system, the factory tree must draw the file immediately. The cost of drawing files immediately. According to the enterprise's own situation, it should compare and test various functions such as system availability, equipment support ability, scalability, compatibility, and ease of use. When testing, you can use consistent colorful originals to observe which system is specific. Under the operating conditions, the most suitable results can be obtained.
Effective color management is the guarantee of the quality of the entire copy, but the final product is obtained through ink. As one of the five basic elements of printing, ink has the primary effect on the printing process and quality. The accurate and reasonable use and distribution of inks is the key to ensuring accurate color recovery.