Causes of color difference in luminous characters

1. In the production, the lamps are not of the same model, and different models of lamps from different manufacturers have different luminous results. Therefore, it is required to use the same batch during production to avoid this problem. Uniform manufacturers, different batches will also produce certain differences. This very low-level mistake must be avoided during production.   
2. Leakage. In some installation sites, there is a certain leakage, or the wiring is not properly routed when writing characters, or the joints are not connected properly, the adhesive tape of the wiring head is opened and the iron is grounded. This requires that the lines be well routed during production and must be checked repeatedly.
3. The transformer power is too small. To use normal and necessary transformers, use different transformers according to the size of the word, preferably a slightly thicker main line.
4. The light sources are arranged unevenly, and there are too many led lights together.