Analysis of three reasons for advertising lights not on

The lack of urban lights is mostly due to the development of advertising lights, which brings "colorful" to our lives. There are more and more businesses buying advertising lights, but sometimes the advertising lights are not on, we will be anxious, then we We have to learn the situation that caused this kind of non-lighting by ourselves. We will explain it today, and we can check it ourselves when we encounter it in the future.
Analysis of three reasons why the advertising light is not on:
1. The light box never lights up. This situation is basically a power supply problem, or there is no transformer installed in the advertising light box.
2. Some parts of the light box are not bright. The simplest case is that the light source of the lamp that is not lit is broken. If it does not affect the brightness of the overall light box, it can be temporarily not replaced. Otherwise, replace it with a new lamp or light source.
3. The light box will not light up after use. In this case, there is a problem with the wiring of the power supply. Test the power cord and the transformer with an electric pen (in rare cases) to check where there is a short circuit.