Analysis of piezoelectric and thermal foaming technology of uv flatbed machine

When uv flatbed printer manufacturers produce printers, they generally use piezoelectric technology and thermal foaming. The printers produced by many different manufacturers will have certain differences. The two printing technologies have their own unique technologies. Features, the effects printed by the two printing technologies are not the same. Today, let's take a look at these two technologies with the UV tablet manufacturer.
The piezoelectric technology used by the uv tablet manufacturer has a certain shrinkage before the ink is ejected, so that no matter whether the ink liquid at the original nozzle is protruding or flat, the liquid surface will be concave, and then the piezoelectric element will produce a larger With eyes, the ink is quickly ejected. At the moment of separation, the piezoelectric element will quickly retract the liquid level at the nozzle and cut off the ink droplets. But before leaving the nozzle, the ink level of the nozzle can take many shapes.
The thermal foaming technology used by the uv tablet manufacturer is to heat the ink to vaporize a part of the ink to form an expanded bubble, and then spray a drop of the bubble onto the paper, while the piezoelectric technology uses Voltage is applied to a special piezoelectric material, and the expansion and contraction of this material is used to spray ink onto the paper.