Advertising inkjet inkjet material and application characteristics

With the continuous development of the advertising industry, high-precision inkjet printing and photographic inkjet printing have been widely used in various fields. The following is a detailed reference arrangement according to its materials and application characteristics.
1. Adhesive: It can be used as a poster advertisement. It has exquisite gluing, high precision, and can be pasted on the wall. It is not easy to clean when replacing.
2. Photo paper: can be used as posters, fine paper, high-precision inkjet, no self-adhesive surface, need to use glue to paste.
3. PP glue: It can be used as poster advertisement, with fine taste, high precision, no glue on the back, and glue is needed for pasting, and it can be used multiple times.
4. Imported adhesive: thick layer, strong ink absorption, strong color saturation.
5. Removable adhesive: It can be used as a poster advertisement, exquisite gel, high precision, can be pasted on the wall, and can be easily replaced when the floor is replaced.
6. Imported removable adhesive: strong color saturation, easy to remove, no trace when torn off.
7. Light box: The inkjet printer in front of the beautiful light box is different from the inkjet printer on the ordinary signboard. It is used for inkjet photos on the McDonald's menu light box. It has the characteristics of exquisite images and moderate light transmission.
8. Imported pitcher: high-end window, light box advertisement, higher color saturation.
9. Transparent film: film film, portrait photo printing, glass curtain wall advertising.
10. Adhesive transparent film: glass curtain wall advertisements, translucent glass stickers, and frosted glass stickers are another type of adhesive, but most of this transparency is used for door stickers. This material is noble and generous and is used to show the company image A choice.
11. Canvas: Used for more romantic and elegant display. It has a certain texture of oil painting. It can be used for wedding photography, and it can also be used for hanging paintings and murals.
12. White canvas: hanging paintings, murals.
13. Silk crepe: used for more romantic and elegant exhibitions. It has a certain oil painting texture and can be used for wedding photography.
14. Adhesive mounted KT board: short-term promotion display (easy to foam) can also be used as company decoration and exhibition display.
15. Double-sided adhesive mounting KT board: short-term promotional display (easy to foam) for hanging pictures and hanging flags.
16. Adhesive enamel cardboard: image display (no bubbles), company decoration, exhibition display.
17. Adhesive enamel drawing board: image display (no bubble), company decoration, exhibition display.
18. Standard rubber mounted chevron board: used for high-end displays, no bubbles, heavy, thin, and thick.
19. Magnetic film: image display, easy to replace.
20. X display rack, roll-up banner: used for exhibitions.