How to Use Color Cutting Vinyl

Using color cutting vinyl is a great way to produce your own vinyl decals for your home or business. These decals can be any shape or size. They are also more expensive than custom stickers, but they give your project a unique look.
When you want to use vinyl decals, you need to make sure that the surface is clean. You also need to make sure that the vinyl lettering is level. If you are using a new material, you should test cut it first. You may need to adjust the settings on your vinyl cutter to ensure that it cuts through the backing without tearing the material.
You should use a lint free cloth to clean your vinyl surface. This will prevent the vinyl from rolling. Then, you need to cut the vinyl. The vinyl should be placed on a cutting mat.
You should also use a weeding hook to remove the excess vinyl. You can use a craft knife or a Cricut hook to do this. The hook should be sharp. You can also burnish the transfer tape to make it stick to the vinyl design.
You should also apply masking tape to the front of the vinyl to prevent it from peeling off. After the vinyl has been placed on the project, you need to apply pressure on it to adhere to the surface. This will give the vinyl a smooth and professional look.
You should also check the color of your vinyl. It is important to choose a line that offers a variety of color options. Some vinyl lines are available in every color of the rainbow.